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IM OFF HOUSE ARREST! [Mar0806@8:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

oh my god! guess what?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i got off house arrest! i didnt even have to go to court yesterday...the judge called my P.O and said she was jus gonna fax the court report..i was like..shiiit thats fiiiine with me! so yeah i got my anklet braclet cut off tonight! i was like IM FREEEE! finally, DAMN! its been 5 looooong horrible months! im so happy! when i was leavin the EM officer that cut it off was like bye yall, thanks!..i was like NO THANK YOU!!!!

aww chase and craig are in the tasc drug classes now..of course not in MY class...outta all 3 classes they cant jus be in MINE....ugh but im gonna be in chases class at the end of the month..so yay! i miss bein wit chase 4 real! i went home with him after class last night and we chilled for a lil while...then brian took me home...yuuuuup..well thats all i got to say!

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HELL YEAH! [Mar0406@8:52am]
[ mood | happy ]

yeah so i got my curfew back yesterday! FINALLY! i hung out with Lauren, Allison, Brian, Will, Doug, Malcom, Tyrone, and 2 other dudes were there..i dunno their names...but they are all sooo fuckin hillarious! they crack me up..ugh but i only had like an hour by the time we got with them cuz my PO gave me some bullshit 8pm curfew...but my mom talked to her and she said that shes taking me off house arrest in 3 days when i go to court! SO YAY! now i know 4 sure im getting off!

so yeah its 856am and im awake..im like wide awake..i went to bed like an hour after i got home last night cuz i was soooo tired...so now im up at the ass crack of dawn and bored as hell..cuz no1s awake to chill ha..o well im goin out later! yay!

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[ mood | IM GETTING MY LIFE BACK!!!! ]

You Failed 8th Grade Math

Oh no, you only got 6/10 correct!

mann fuck yall! that was like 3 years ago!

anywho, so my weekend sucked, yeah yeah but whats new? house arrest will deff ruin a weekend!....and a whole 4 months too! but oh, oh! its ok!!!!! BECAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE THIS UPCOMING WEEKEND IS MY LAST WEEKEND ON HOUSE ARREST!!!!!!!!!!!! court in 9 days!!!!!!!!! and ill have my curfew tomorrow! so yall this BULLSHIT is finally over!!!!!!!!

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oooh...ok! [Feb2306@9:56pm]
[ mood | BORED AS FUCK!!! ]

mmmmm so yeah, i LOVE how my PO says ill be able to go out this weekend and now she says i can't get my curfew till next week...bitch! oh well...11 days left...that means 11 days im assured that i wont get arrested again...but in 11 days....oh its ON! whew i cant wait! todays laurens birthday..happy birthday lil Deason!!!!! i really wish i could go to her party saturday night tho =( Deason parties be crunk as hell!!!!!! oh well, there will be many more to come!!!!

yeahh im deff not going to school tomorrow! im so sick of waking up at the ass crack of dawn, so fuck that! ugh and i got saturday school...but so does like half the school so it wont be too bad...

dude yall should see my chicken lookin thingy i made outta clay in art!!! its soo cute and fat!!! i painted him hott pink, lime green, and yellow! hes so cute!

chris is goin back to texas sunday (i think sunday) but aww that sucks!!! and i STILL cant go out and chill with him be4 he leaves! oh well, this summer, ITS ON CHRIS! ;-)

well im bored as fuck, but i aint got shit else to say..later hoes
♥ Mel

oh yeah, heres my myspace link thingy! kristin made it cute and pink for me!!!!

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..GOOD NEWS!!!!!! [Feb1706@9:09pm]
[ mood | ONE WEEK!!!! ]

wow, im really bored! today wasnt too bad i guess..it's already 9:12 so thank god the days almost over...its pathetic when u think that way but oh well...so lets see, i woke up at 1230, some fatass DHR bitch came to my house so i had to talk to her..wow i just LOVE talking to those hoes every month...thanks father, really appreciate it...FUCKER! but yeah then i had to go up to tasc to get drug tested...then i had to come home of course..ugh

oh yeah!!!! i had to go up to family court yesterday after school for a meeting with the EM officers cuz they gave me another violation cuz i always forget to call them be4 i leave the house for school and theyre gonna terminiate me from the program and send me back to juvi or bootcamp for a while if i forget to call again... =0 i really hope i can remember!!! ...but yeah i saw my PO up there too and she said the judge said i could have a curfew!!!!! but shes gotta finish the paper work and get it signed so it should take a week! YAY! so ill get to start going out again in a week! im so excited! i told lauren ITS ON! she was lik helll yeah! shes spendin the night sunday too so thatll be fun, cuz u know how we do! ;-)

♥♥ Mel

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soo soo funny.. [Feb1506@7:05pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

whew...heather wasnt there tonight so we had to sit in mrs dew class... mrs dew cracks me up! shes sucha smartass bitch! but its funny as hell... we were listenin to this dudes rap CD that him, his brother, and cousin made..its realllllly good..i loved it! im gonna ask him if i can burn it on monday... oh and demarco is soooo fine!.....too bad hes gotta babys mama..ha ;-)

last night matt, pate, brittney, hunter, jameson, and their friend kevin came over...thank god, otherwise i would have prob killed myself...i cant take this house arrest bullshit! its killin me! 4 real...its ruining me i swear!!!! i used to be so happy and now..... ya know...UGH! but when i called my P.O earlyer to check in with her, cuz its wednesday or w/e, she was bein really nice and tellin me that shes really workin on tryin to get me a curfew, shes waitin to hear back from the judge and finishing paper work for it or something..i was like ahhh thank GOD!!!! so hopefully by next weekend ill have one! YAY!

well im jus writin in here cuz im bored, like always, and thats all i got to say..later hoes

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awwwww! =) [Feb1406@7:16pm]
[ mood | poor chase! ]

i have a new crush!!!!
and you know he be sexy! cuz thats just how i do!

ha tonight in drug class we made some more "anti-drug" posters..i drew a bunch of beans and wrote "Your brain will have a hole...if you use roll" ha i know its corny but there wasnt anything else to put, this dude in there came up with it.. but my X pills were the shit! i drew a pink playboy, yellow lightbulb, red butterfly, purple shroom, and a green apple! mmmm mmmm mmm!!! gotta love beans!!! ;-)

duuude todays valentines day! chris is my valentine! =) my grandmother made me my fav cake that she makes..its strawberry cake with this coolwip and yogurt icing its soooooo fucking good!!!!i just ate a HUGE piece....yeahhh that was my dinner!

i talked to chase last night for a sec, he had court earlyer today in bessemer...i reallly hope he didnt get sent away anywhere, i have a feeling he did tho... =( and hes not answering his phone, that cant be good...
ima go take a shower, later!

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boooored... [Feb1306@8:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

what it do?? im bored as fuck! of course thats why im writin in here! so today was pretty fun... i love every1 over in 2nd chance, theyre all cool as shit... ha doug always sees me colorin in study hall so he colored this barbie picture i had..ha he made it look soo bad, it colored her dress like black and purple...i was like wow doug thats beautiful...anywho...aww brian moved to trussville =( =( ima miss him! that boy is sooo fine! he used to come over all the time durin the summer then my fuckin crazy ass racist parents wouldnt let him ne more cuz she heard me tellin malcom that we were gonna hook up...oh well... ugh mr willoughby had it fuckin -0 in his class i was gettin soo mad i was about to GO OFF on him...and i talked to mr cain i was sittin there btichin on and on about his NASTY ass for like 10 mins straight and mr cains jus sittin there laughin at me! ugh.... well i obviously dont have anything to say...so ill shut up..late fools!

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hrmm... [Feb0806@7:42pm]
[ mood | calm ]

wow, 2nd chance is awesome now...its so much more fun that new beginnings is... i thought it was soo boring when i was over there last year but now its fun...like lauren said, we get to talk more over in 2nd chance than in new beginnings...u wouldnt think so, but u actually do ha...ur not supposed to but the only teacher thatll say anything bout it is mrs fucking blackwell...dumb annoying ass bitch.... gah i hate dumb bitches... especially dumb shady bitches like alycia...whew dont even get me STARTED on that bitch! anyway! so yeah after school i went to my drug class up at TASC..i love my class! its so much fun, mrs heathers cool and every1 in theres cool as shit... especially terrance...he cracks my shit UP 4 real! i prob wouldnt enjoy goin up there so much if i wasnt on house arrest, id rather be out with my friends n all... well im jus writin in here cuz im bored....i dont really have anything else to say...later fools!

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oh hell.... [Jan2706@7:16pm]
[ mood | home sweet home! ]

well.....i just got home from juvi....i got arrested at school on wednesday for possession of marijuana...that shit was deff not fun..i was the only white girl in juvi, well there was 1 other white girl in my unit but she didnt count bc she THINKS shes black like 4 real...but yeah every1 was soooo mean to me bc im white and they made SURE i knew it too...even that white trash wigger was mean to me, she was lik man they need to stop sendin fuckin white ppl up in hurr i was lik BITCH U WHITE TOO!!!!! then she was askin me my name in a bitchy way so i said my name back to her in a bitchy way and she was lik eww giiirl i dunno WHO she thinks shes talkin to like that and every1 was tellin her to calm down and not to hurt me and shit i was sooo scared cuz she really looked lik she was about to beat my ass but i acted like i wasnt scared and i think thats what saved me too lol...they all say "kindness is weakness" i fo sho kept that shit in mind lol i was mean the whole time so i guess they thought they couldnt walk all over me...even tho i was half theyre size...o well.. ha and i saw macon and doug in the intake place when i was in a holdin cell tonight be4 i got out...i was lik damn they gettin locked up! but yeah i had to go to court today in bessemer bc it was a bessemer case so they put me in shackles and front hand cuffs on the way there and durin court and everything...those shackles fuckin KILLED my ankles...the hand cuffs were too big tho i kept slidin them hoes off to scratch my head my PO saw me but she jus laughed and told me to put them back on..but yeah i got my other case dropped and they just kept me on probation and house arrest but for this case...so im not in anymore trouble than i was be4 so i dont care....im just glad im outta juvi! i would be in bootcamp right now but since i passed my drug test at juvi i didnt have to go thank GOD! im so happy to be home u dont even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[ mood | happy now ]

wow so i DEFF didn't get off house arrest....what the fuck...usually in this situation i would blow up but i just didnt reall say anything, i was in shock.....iv been so upset all day too...that totally ruined my day...BUT i did get my curfew back...this time i deff wont be going to drug class fucked up..so maybe i can actually KEEP it this time....

well anyways...tomorrow after shcool im goin over to laurens house and we're gonna go out and chill! yay! i havent hung out with lauren in 4EVER!!! well im sick of typin in here


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bid day ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Jan0906@7:30pm]
[ mood | FINALLY IM FREEE! ]


........well, at least i think i am..yeahhh im 99% sure...and my moms not makin me go to school tomorrow so im gonna start partyin at 10am when my ass gets outta court! hellllllllll yeahhhhh!

well, uh, yeah thats all! i gotta go call alycia, she says we got some stuff to talk about...uh oh..wonder what happened now!

later fooools!

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ahhhh! [Dec0505@11:06pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

duuuude how cool would it be to be a playboy playmate?!?!? that would be SOOOOO much fun!! like for real! thats SO my dream!!!!! and i know it sounds slutty but i dont mean it in that way u know..

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daamn.. [Nov1005@1:25pm]
[ mood | i miss UAB! ]

wow, A LOT has happened since Halloween... November 3rd i got admitted to the UAB physco ward....bc the night be4 me and my mom got into a fight on our way home from my drug class and she pulled over to a gas station and we were in park and i put my hand on the steering wheel and she called the cops and said i was trying to swerve us into traffic and kill the both of us.....which is a lie bc WE WERE IN FUCKING PARK! THE CAR WAS NOT MOVING!!!! that dumb bitch! i was sooo mad and couldnt stop crying when they took me from school that day... but then when i got there later that night it was awesome...no1 there was crazy except 2 people...every else was there for anger problems and getting into fist fights..i was friends with every1 and i loved them all! and all the nurses were cool as shit...we didnt do anything but jus chill all day and we had to go to school for an hour and a group meeting to "talk about things" it was soo much fun tho...i didnt want to leave tuesday when they discharged me =( and i got prescribed to seroquil... mwahaha ;-) AND me and my mom get along now bc im nice to her...who knows how long that will last tho... =/ oh yeah AND im getting off house arrest on January 10th! yay! i can wait!!

ANYWHO i could go on 4ever about that exsperience but i dont think any1 cares u know what im saaaayin! so yeah last night alycia spent the night and we just talked allll night and ate lol... and yesterday me lauren matt alycia brittney michael hilary and dan went on a field trip with our service learning class to the old ppl hospital and the childrens hospital...it was boring but fun at the same time... but wow this is long..jus lettin every1 know whats been up!

♥ Mel

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