¤.MeL.¤ (2young_hopeless) wrote,

im so hungry!

well i just got home..lauren wanted to go home so i just came on home too..after school me, lauren, jay, doug, and jessica chilled...thats basically what iv been doin all week..and fuck i gotta go to drug class tomorrow, i hate goin up there! jades group sucks! heathers was awesome bc heather isnt a fuckin fat dumb bitch and the people in there were cool as hell...o well, its only 1 day a week now..and i got my color changed so i dont have to go up there but like twice a month now..its aqua now..not gold AND purple..k yeah fuck that!

anywho, this weekend is the craw fish boil..i dont really wanna go but laurens goin every night this weekend..im only goin saturday night with them..theres no1 i wanna see play there and its gonna be hot as fuck and that 12$ can go to something SO much better than a fuckin ticket to a big ass field with a bunch of trashy ass people..anywho, ill shut up..
later bitches!

♥ Mel
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