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its been a while... [Jul1506@12:07am]
[ mood | im straight ]

well i never write in here anymore..cuz no1 reads it anymore...and i just dont care to..but im bored right now..so ya know...well lets see... my summers been ok..iv jus been chillin, nothing too too much..but im havin fun..no trouble 4 real..thank god..thats a first for me... and for once, i finally feel like straight up SHIT for being a fucking asshole to my mom...i really do feel bad... i feel horrible...shes not crazy..she just doesnt want me doing drugs and getting into trouble..and i thought she was crazy...shiiiiit...but i wont get into all that..anywho, i dont really chill wit allison and lauren anymore, now im always wit jessica...i love jessica shes the shit! tomorrow we're chillin wit absoloot & chase..thatll be fun! ;-) ;-) yeeep yeeep...uhhh...oh im going to the beach next week! yay! i love the beach! i got a new bathing suit at the mall earlyer..its from pac sun its so cute! but uh yeah so the summers almost over..damn! back to school...but this is my last year in high school!! hell yeah! mr cain kicked me outta crossroads tho..damn my badass got kicked outta alternative school..thats horrible..o well im still fuckin goin there, theres no way in hell my ass is goin bak to spain fucking park..hellll NAW! he better let me go, shit ill be in 2nd chance again i dont care! all i gotta say is that if i gotta go to spain park the SECOND i walk up in that hell hole im gonna do something to get sent to crossroads..ha yeeeahh uhhh thats all

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well fuck... [Jun0106@6:53pm]
[ mood | im straight ]

k soooo i just got brought home by the fuckin cops..i fuckin hate my parents..the bitch tells me to leave and never come back..so i left.and sho as HELL wasnt gonna come back..then the next thing i know.im chillin at jessicas and the cops knock on her door..i fuckin hate my mom she is CRAZY! not even gonna go there..but its all good..im going out BRIGHT and EARLY tomorrow! anywho, yesterday i chilled with jessica kurt mark and some other dude..then we chilled with leslie and laura for a lil while..got some free cheesesticks up at leslies work..and shes hookin me up with this fiiine ass guy that works there with her...cuz we ate in there the other night too and he was askin leslie and laura bout me.. i think hes soo sexy! but anywho, im gonna go eat then pass out..hell yeah!
oh yeah, and fuck physco parents! .....not speaking of any1 in particular...

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finally summer!!! [May2906@10:31pm]
[ mood | yup.... ]

schools out!!! thank god its summer..this summers gonna be tight..i cant believe im gonna be a senior! hell yeah! but anywho..iv been chillin with jessica alot..this is like the first night we havent spent the night with each other..we've just been doin what we always do..u know how we do..earlyer we went to the pool with laura and leslie and a bunch of other random shit..me and jessica stole some signs from the side of the road..one says "get happy" and mine says "keep judge jill GANUS district judge" ha i stole that 1 cuz judge ganus didnt get me in trouble at ALL when i got locked up for the blunt roach at school..so yeaaaaa..jessica has to work in the morning so she went home to sleep so i jus came home too..im tired..im bout to get in bed after i eat again... jus updating cuz im bored..like always..no1 reads this shit anyway so why else would i write in here..shit

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okay weekend.. [May2106@12:34am]
[ mood | worn the fuck out! ]

what up bitches..i just got home like 45 mins ago..im tired as FUCK and worn out..iv been awake since 7:30am friday..i never went to sleep last night (ha not gonna tell that story) butyeah my weekends been pretty fun..laid bak but fun.. last night i went over to jessicas house..lauren allison polzin ross moffet and greg came over,we chilled,they left..then me and jessica went to wings & hueytown with joey & dude man..it was fun but i was in a bad mood..i was comin down from adderall and i was tired and yeah then earlyer today i hung out with chris then truitt came and got me...and the only reason im writin bout this is to give me something to do so i can stay up as long as possible cuz i know if i go to sleep now ill wake up early and i wanna sleep in..but fuck it bc i cant keep my eyes open..

♥♥ Mel

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mothers day [May1506@11:33am]
[ mood | happy ]

well yesterday was mothers day..i had to go to my grandmothers house for a lil while..then i hung out with brawnson, craig, and truitt...and yes im at home right now cuz im suspended today bc i didnt go to saturday school..i told mr cain i wasnt going, he should have jus already suspended me last week..but its all good bc i wasnt gonna go today anyway..plus its sunny today, im about to go lay out..

anywho, my weekend was pretty fun... friday night was fun, but saturday night sucked so bad..i dunno why rich preppy goody goods think they can jus put a few people in a big ass house and call it a party... cuz that "party" sucked...k..yeah..well time to lay out..holla

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thats what im talkin bout.. [May1106@9:30pm]
[ mood | peeerfect ]

jus chillin as usual..sexy jus left..aint sayin his name so im jus gonna call him sexy..cuz hes sexy as fuck...and im feeln perfect by the way...lifes awesome right now..hell yeah
anywho, so yeah ic hilled with lauren n jay after school, then drug class..well tomorrow friday i wonder whats goin on..i know exactly what i wanna do.. ;-) anywho, cig time..then passin out time...
holla bitches!

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im so hungry! [May0306@7:30pm]
[ mood | whew ]

well i just got home..lauren wanted to go home so i just came on home too..after school me, lauren, jay, doug, and jessica chilled...thats basically what iv been doin all week..and fuck i gotta go to drug class tomorrow, i hate goin up there! jades group sucks! heathers was awesome bc heather isnt a fuckin fat dumb bitch and the people in there were cool as hell...o well, its only 1 day a week now..and i got my color changed so i dont have to go up there but like twice a month now..its aqua now..not gold AND purple..k yeah fuck that!

anywho, this weekend is the craw fish boil..i dont really wanna go but laurens goin every night this weekend..im only goin saturday night with them..theres no1 i wanna see play there and its gonna be hot as fuck and that 12$ can go to something SO much better than a fuckin ticket to a big ass field with a bunch of trashy ass people..anywho, ill shut up..
later bitches!

♥ Mel

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[ mood | relaxed ]

well i jus got home a lil while ago..me lauren & jay went over to new orleans house & will & doug were there too..jay had to leave so me n lauren had to go home early but its all good cuz my mom always bitches when i come home at my usual 930 on school nights..i dont see what the big deal is 4 real..hrmmm so yeah me n lauren have been hangin out wit trey & khalid after school lately..we're all hangin out friday night, we gonna have so much fun!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!

oh yeah, last weekend was so much fun!! wont even go there tho....tomorrows thursday! i cant wait till friday! =)

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fun day.. [Apr1806@9:48pm]
[ mood | posted in ma chair! ]

well i just got home..i slept PERFECT last night..and i never sleep perfect..i never sleep period actually...but yeah i woke up around 1 and layed out for an hour..already got me a tan & iv only been out in that hot fuckin sun for an hour...hell yeah! k then i went to drug class, of course chase wasn't there..we never go anymore so when we actually DO go its always on diff nights..i never get to see him =( k after class i came home for a sec then i hung out with drew, lauren, aneil, JJ, eric, and 2 other dudes in some shed thingy..it was tight.. and now im home.. my long mother fuckin crazy ass weekend is finally over...schools tomorrow..so im bout to go to bed...

(to all the potheads) ITS 420 IN 2 DAYS!


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hell yea! [Apr1806@12:57am]
[ mood | mellow ]

wheeew! long crazy mother fuckin ass weekend!!!!!!! we did nothing more than what we do everyday..but yea me n allison spent the night with lauren all weekend and omg so much random, funny, crazy shit happened to us..but i just remembered that officer Barnes saw my journal so u know ;-)

later fools!
♥ Mel

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finally friday! [Mar3106@10:48am]
[ mood | FRIDAY! ]

well it's friday...and my lazy ass just didn't feel like gettin outta bed this morning..so i just..didn't...until now.. when u get 2 1/2 hours of sleep every fuckin night it's a bitch wakin up at 6:20am mon-fri...so fuck that! ya know..laurens suspended today so i'm waitin on her bitch ass to wake up so i can call her cuz im kinda bored...

sooo tonights gonna be fun...very fuuun.....chillin with lauren and trey and im sure some other people too... at least i think i am, if not tonight then we chillin saturday..i might chill with cameron since i havent seen his ass in a while...either way i'll have fun...so its all good

man it better be fuckin warm outside tonight bc iv been wantin to wear one of my cute skirts 4 ever! but itll be hot durin the day then at night its freezing..COLD OR NOT IM WEARIN MY DAMN SKIRT!

oh yeah, wednesday was my last day is heathers drug group... now im in chases class with derick, CJ, austin, and some other people..and i only have to go 2 days a week..and since iv fuckin been in the program sooooo long i get to choose how long i wanna stay in the 2 day a week class..then i only gotta go once a week! hell mother fuckin YEAHHH!!!!

wheeeew last night i hung out with aneil will and lauren and when will answered his phone he was like "hel-fuckin-lo!" whew it was funny...jus thought id say that cuz im bored..

gonna go see what there is to do today ..later hoes!

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i am stuffed! [Mar2206@8:59pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

whew...i am so fucking full! my stomach is about to pop! i just ate like 5 big meals...yea i was hungry
but yeahhh i just got home from jessicas house...we chilled with laura earlyer and went to mcdonalds..then went to the mall and then went to chill with aneil doug tyrone malcom will chris and soem other dude...whew they crack me up..

wow my spring break has sucked...i just got over the flu yesterday..i caught it from lauren...damn i was sooooo sick! i was miserable...and even tho im better now, theres still nothing to fuckin do bc every1s outta town for SB...bitches.... well im gonna go watch tv and chill cuz im soo damn tired...
later fools!

♥♥ Mel

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my weekend.. [Mar1306@9:24pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well lets see....this weekend was okay..would have been better if i wasnt throwing up all saturday BUT its all good..but yeah i jus chilled with lauren, allison, doug, brian, tyrone, chris, chris, malcom, will, len, chase, and i saw shea for a lil while..havent seen her in a while! i think meads came over to laurens one night too..i dunno...but omg i feel like SHIT! so im goin to bed!!

o yeah every1 needs to download this song

One night in new york city
by The Horrorist


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uh oh! [Mar0906@10:13pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

my ass got to stay out till 9:45pm tonight baby! woohoo! thats the first time iv been outta the house past 8pm in like 5 god damn months!...feeels great! ha but yeah i went to get drug tested and saw reginol up there gettin tested too cuz every1 and their mom is Gold...whew that boy is SOO fine! we chillin saturday..cant wait! ;-) yeah then i went to laurens..jay came and got us and we went to his house for a while...then we got food..then aneil came over..now im home...and im tired as fuck! im bout to go eat again then call reginols sexy ass then pass out...jus thought id write in here jus to waste time....

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